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Choose The Best Street Light Pole To Light Up The Streets

Posted by Admin on February, 25, 2023

Light poles illuminate the streets to increase visibility and make the roads safe for vehicles and pedestrians. This tall and rigid structure increases the chances of safety while reducing the risks of accidents by lighting up the streets.

The Height of the Pole

The light pole from the street light pole manufacturers needs to have an adequate height to light the street. The appropriate height will allow the light pole to provide the required lighting density. Usually, the street light pole has a height that ranges from 9 to 14 feet.

The lighting pole must provide the required light without excessive glare. Glare, on the other hand, reduces visibility. It causes the pedestrians and vehicles on the road to not see the road ahead of them clearly and can lead to accidents.

Even during the installation of the light poles, safety should remain the main priority. The pole height must be reasonable. Too high or too low height will render the light pole inefficient. The manufacturers follow industry standard requirements to ensure that the light pole has the correct height.

Usually, the width of the road determines the height of the pole. Assessing the height of the pole to provide maximum lighting throughout the width of the road is a feat that only an experienced light engineer can achieve.

The Material of the Pole

The material of the pole determines its shelf life, longevity and strength to withstand loads. Generally, steel is the primary material used in the manufacturing of poles. These poles are sturdy and can hold heavier loads from the brackets, banners, accessories and fixtures.

The average lifespan of a steel pole is 15 to 30 years. It also depends on the natural environment of the pole and the finishing of the pole. One must purchase the correct pole to ensure they can withstand environmental factors.

The street light pole manufacturers use hot-dip galvanising pole, which has an excellent anti-corrosion performance. It is best to choose a light pole that has an anti-corrosion performance. Even stainless steel has become a staple in the manufacture of light poles. Both these materials have an excellent crease-resistant properties.

Wall Thickness of the Poles

One cannot ignore the factor of the wall thickness of the poles. The wall thickness determines if the pole has enough resistance and sufficient load-bearing capacity. One must not ignore these factors, for they affect the functionality of street lamps.

One must determine the wall thickness before installing the street lamp. It is better to have a higher thickness value for the street light in places where the wind blows strongly. The thickness of the pole also determines how firmly the pole stands on the ground.

Distribution of Light

The manufacturer must also consider the factors of trees and tall buildings. Those will obstruct the light to create dark spots. Even if the street is well-lit, these factors, like trees and buildings, may block the light.

The manufacturer must consider the height of the surrounding trees and structures. The correct height of the light pole allows it to distribute the light evenly across the street, allowing maximum vision.

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