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A Complete Guide To Street Light Poles

Posted by Admin on February, 11, 2022

A street light pole also known as light pole is a raised source of light on the edge of a road or path. These kinds of street light poles can be found on railway platforms too. Street light poles are mostly made of corrosion resistant metal such as aluminum or a string plastic material such as high density polyethylene. These kinds of poles are able to withstand outdoor elements.

Street lights are often pole-mounted, on either dedicated poles or existing utility poles. In this article you will come to know more about street lights so keep reading.

Types of Street Light

Dual Arm Street Light

Dual Arm Street Light has accessibility in varied specifications. This is a specially designed pole with advanced function. This is widely used in street lighting solutions, which is extremely suitable for railway yards, factory premises, road junctions and car parking. The Dual Arm Street Light Pole is made from high quality steel. It can be bled as per ease.

Dual Arm pole is accessible with galvanized coating. The pole is useful for highway lights, stadium, and park and Street lights. These kinds of street lights are 15-20 feet high.

Octagonal Street Light Pole

Octagonal Poles are used to securely illuminate private residential areas, commercial and Industrial locations. The street lighting pole ranges are designed with an outreach arm, in either single or double arrangement as per customer demand.

Areas of Application

● Street Lighting

● Decorative Lighting

● Sports Lighting

● Shopping Centers

● Airport

● Railway

● Hotels

Advantages of Octagonal Poles

● Ease of Installation

● Galvanized for Longer Life

● Maintenance Free

● Sleek and Beautiful Design.

Importance of Effective Street Light Poles

People pass by street lights and lighting poles every time they are on the road and these kinds of Street lights help to illuminate things into sight when everything gets dark. Good street lighting brightens the design and grandeur of a particular solace and brings out its best aspects.

Public spaces are changing rapidly that includes the street light poles that are used to light up the roads. As people incorporate smart devices into their lives, smart technology can be used to take advantage of both public services and the community around them. There are many possibilities for street Lighting poles beyond illuminating neighborhoods.

Lighting is as effective as the equipment it is made of and helps illuminate streets with industry-grade tubular steel or aluminum poles that get the job done safely and efficiently. So we like to give thought on the importance of street light poles and why they matter more than you may think.

Smart technology

Technology has ways of evolving and Street light poles are no different. A pole has the potential to act as a hub for gathering information about city services from sensors and business information from databases. There is a great possibility of bringing all together on one platform to engage with the local community.

Pedestrian Safety:

Lighting poles provide security and safety for those driving on the road or walking nearby. As they spaced out appropriately between each other, they can eliminate dark spots and alert people of other potential hazards like trees, shrubs, or extra-large buildings. This not only safeguard the driver but also the pedestrian walking or biking along.

Moreover, the appropriate spacing of street light prevents glare from distracting drivers on the road, so they know where they are driving and who is in view. Moreover, lighting can aid in deterring criminal activity in certain cases and give peace of mind whenever you are outside.

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